As a closing agent we can assist with the following:

Closing & Escrow Services

~ Review lender closing disclosure forms

~ Provide you with a Closing Protection Letter

~ Prepare sell side closing disclosure forms

~ Provide tax information

~ Prepare Alta settlement statements

~ Prepare HUD settlement statements

~ Provide lender specific closing protection letters (CPL)

~ Lender purchase and refinance transactions

~ For sale by owner (FSBO) transactions

~ Buyer cash and sell side transactions

~ Receipt and Disbursement of funds through a regulated        escrow account.

~ Notarize closing documents

~ Order abstracting

~ We also have a HUD Title ID number that allows us to close transactions when The Secretary of HUD is the seller

~ We can order mortgage payoffs, release of liens, termite inspections, home warranties and record documents.

We work closely with several attorneys that will assist us in providing:



Deeds & Affidavits

Our office will be integrated with Ellie Mae's Encompass, using Closing Insight and ZixMail to communicate with lenders and our clients. Our office committed to following the Alta Best Practices.

Privacy Policy knows how important personal privacy is. We offer several services, collect and retain information about you that will allow us to provide the best service. Most of our information is provided by your lender, real estate agent or another closing office. We have software and several programs that allow our systems to safeguard this information for all parties involved in your transaction. We also limit the access of your information to employees who have a business reason for accessing it. Policy and procedures are in place within our offices to protect non public information.